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Joseph Groome Towers

6 Lift Installation in 3 Tower Blocks

Converted lifts from 8 Person 0.5m/s skip stop lifts to 13 person 1.0m/s serving all floors.

Customer Cheshire West and Chester Council
Consultants Mottram Associates

The project was put out to tender over three phases, we were successful in all of these, due to being able to offer a competitive price by utilising efficient working practices, and procuring top quality equipment at favourable prices from our regular suppliers.

Our task was to dismantle the original lifts in their entirety, and install a complete new lift of upgraded size and speed. Building work was also part of our remit and all entrances were opened out for 900mm doors, and new apertures cut in concrete on the floors previously not served, a difficult task to complete without complaint in an occupied building.

The project offered a number of challenges, one of the major ones being that we were carrying out a full rip-out of the existing lifts, with 40 years of contamination by oil, grease and dirt, in a fully occupied building, and then also having to complete a full installation, transporting large items of equipment through the building safely while tenants went about their lives without disturbance.

The three blocks all house different ages of tenants, Block 3 housing the older tenants , Block 1 houses the younger age group and it was specified that these lifts should be vandal resistant, so finishes and fixtures across the three blocks were appropriate for each.

The lifts were re-designed to enable a 2:1 roping system to be used and an increased load from 630kg to 1000kg , consequently loadings on the building structure were altered from original, we produced detailed information working together with structural engineers and fitted extra steelwork at the top of the lift shafts to spread the new loads and further support the original concrete slab.

The job as a whole was a great success and the increased lift car sizes really made a difference to tenants and other building users in helping the movement of furniture and other equipment. The project was also completed on schedule and to budget , and has demonstrated that if the shaft size is available, the option of re-designing a complete new larger lift in the existing shaft is a feasible alternative to a conventional refurbishment, at a price that is economically viable.