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Wirral Partnership Homes

Bullock Construction were engaged by Wirral Partnership Homes in 2010 to carry out a 3Year, 27 Million pound refurbishment of 7 Multi-storey Tower blocks on The Wirral Peninsula, carrying out improvement works throughout each block to bring all services up to modern standards and greatly improve living conditions for the tenants.

We were engaged by Bullocks on a rolling programme over the course of 3 years on a contract, which provided a complete package to satisfy the requirement of WPH and Bullocks for equipment specification, we were also able to employ flexible methods of progressing the project to fit in with very complex schedule requirements regarding other tasks, trades, and tenants during the overall completion of the job.

The final finish of all the blocks was exceptional, leaving the tenants in conditions worthy of a hotel or private luxury apartments, in comparison to the utilitarian 1960's tower block finishes still present before commencement of the refurbishment. We would like to think the aesthetics of the Lift-cars, architraves, indicators and push buttons all fit in well with their surroundings, whilst also fully satisfying DDA regulations, whilst being driven by technology behind the scenes second to none.