We provide a complete range of lift installation packages, from a new build site to replacing an old elevator in an existing building, or installing a high speed robust lift pacjkage in for example a tower block or high rise building.

All our new lifts are competitively priced, without any compromise on quality. We source them from a select group of global suppliers and match the product to the clients requirements to provide best value for money for our customers without ever compromising on quality.

A Liverpool Lift Company operating nationally we can also provide a bespoke lift solution to suit none standard situations, whatever shaft size or car loading , entrance positions, or shaft dimensions ,be it passenger lifts, goods lifts, scissor lifts or disabled access. This is where we believe we excel, in providing a bespoke solution where many of our competitors either could not, due to a “computer says no!” approach or a lack of understanding of the clients real needs.

ALL of our lifts are supplied with open-protocol control panels and equipment, and can be maintained by ourselves or  A.N.Other lift company should the customer choose to do so, as all parts and information is freely available . This ensures that our clients ongoing maintenance costs can always be put out to tender and are thus kept to a minimum, ensuring Knowsley Lift Services clients always obtain maximum value for money on an ongoing basis .

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call 0151 286 1322 or for Manchester Lift services 0161 818 9696 or email at