Knowsley Lift Services seeks and implements new developments in lift technology and IT to continually improve its operational efficiency. We utilise the latest technological developments to improve the service we offer to our customers.Please read below how we utilise technology to gain a competitive advantage over our rivals and take the service levels we can offer to a new level:

• PDAs issued to our engineers remove the need for paper worksheets and improve the efficiency of our mobile workforce.

• Vehicle Tracking and mapping gives us a real time overview our fleet so our operators are with you and not caught in traffic

• Bespoke Service Software enables us to produce unique KPIs to best manage , record and plan the best performance, service and repair schedules for of our customer's lifts.

• High Speed Communications and broadband. The use of high speed broadband connections and the latest mobile data networks ensures our operatives work efficiently anywhere in the UK.

• The most up to date Cloud Servers eliminate the risk of data loss, ensuring data security and enabling our business to operate 100% effectively 100% of the time

• Global Manufacturing Partners – We only select manufacturing partners who have R&D as a top priority, to ensure the products you receive are always at the forefront of lift design

Knowsley Lift Services aim is to never stand still. Keeping ahead of the competition and providing the highest possible service level is a must.