Lift Energy Saving Solutions

Knowsley Lift Services offer a complete solution in terms of pre- survey, supply and installation of a small and compact energy saving and transferable unit which can be added to new or existing traction lifts with a VF drive. The unit works by harnessing energy normally lost as heat or noise as the lift slows down. Our unit stores the energy created and all recovered energy is 100% recouped directly back into the lift from which it came ensuring the lift can then re-use this normally lost energy to run as opposed to drawing all the energy again from the power grid.

This results in an immediate and substantial lowering of the lifts carbon footprint. Our unit has some exciting product benefits for you:

  • • 100% Return on Energy Harnessed
  • • Excellent Payback Period
  • • Potentially High rate of return
  • •Transferable
  • • Compatible with all VF drives
  • • Cutting Edge Technology with 0% Failure Rate
  • • Complete Solution ( survey, unit supply, install)
  • Warranty that ensures your energy saving unit is operational until your investment has been 100% paid back

For more information on how you can lead in the fight to protect our environment, go green, and reduce your carbon footprint from your lifts please call 0151 286 1322 or 0161 818 9696 or email at