As the number provider of lift maintenance in Liverpool we look after a diverse range of equipment, from state of the art multi-car, group systems, to single lifts units. We operate on an open protocol basis covering lifts we have installed ourselves , as well as providing lift maintenance solutions for all other types of elevators, including units installed by the multi-national lift companies.

We supply preventative maintenance programs for clients with multi-lift portfolio’s such as local housing authorities, NHS Trusts, housing associations, care associations, and property management companies.
We also look after smaller contracts with a single lift or a single building, be the site Domestic, Commercial, or Industrial.

One of the most trusted Liverpool lift companies we service and maintain over 1000 lifts currently covering North Wales, Merseyside,Cheshire, Lancashire with a proven record of lift repairs in Manchester . ( in effect from North Wales to Blackpool and across to the Pennines)

We have built our business on a reactive, responsive and client centric customer approach, working  to remove problems before they happen with rolling, low cost preventative maintenance programms tailored to our customers needs.

Our management team are all engineers with a wealth of experience throughout the lift industry this benefits the customer in our practical approach to organising monthly visits, as well as overcoming any engineering issues swiftly. We have an experienced team of engineers out in the field, with loyalty to both our customers and Knowsley lifts. We have trained 10 engineers in-house, and have 2 apprentices under training at present. All of Engineers and Lift Testers are trained to work to the highest industry standards and are able overcome all obstacles when required.

We have gained experience over many years in best practices to keep lifts running reliably and safely, and are proud of the fact that when we have won contracts over our competitors, we have been praised for achieving a noticeable improvement in reliability . Knowsley Lift Services is a Liverpool lift company that aims ensure customer satisfaction by providing the most cost effective lift maintenance solutions in the North West, preventing issues before they happen.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call 0151 286 1322 or 0161 818 9696 for Manchester Lift mintenance or email at