We carry out lift repair and maintenance work on passenger,goods and platform lifts on a national basis, having started off specializing in lift repairs in Liverpool, We guide and advise our customers as to works required to ensure continued reliability, such as replacing worn or obsolete parts.We aim to ensure our elevator repair service provides the best value at the lowest cost.
We also inform and advise our customers regarding any works that may be needed to improve the lifts operation, and , importantly, any lift repair works that are required to help the customer satisfy their duty of care regarding health & safety, be it full height door detectors, modern door equipment, or controller changes to aid levelling accuracy. We can also recommend energy saving modifications to lighting and control system sand other refurbishment items such as push buttons and indicators.

We have 13 full time lift engineers in the North West region do not employ a “hard-sell” approach to lift repair work, simply advising our customers of the cost and efficiency benefits of carrying out the recommended works, be it improvement in lift reliability, safety, energy efficiency, or simple aesthetics. We appreciate that customers have different levels of budget available, and always ensure our lift tenders offer the most suitable product and cost solution for their needs.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call 0151 286 1322 or 0161 818 9696 if you are looking for Manchester lift companies or email at